Why You Need To Have A High Quality And Professional Lyric Video Production

The importance of YouTube in modern music promotion cannot be over emphasized. It’s almost as important as radio, and is one of the best ways for musicians/ artists to connect with people who want to listen to their songs. But, not everyone can afford to shoot full professional music videos for all of their songs. Most artists can’t afford more than 1 or 2 full videos per album, but they want to get videos made for all their songs so as to post on YouTube and get found. So, to promote all of their songs,  artists employ lyric video makers to make “Lyric videos” for their songs.

Why do you need high quality lyric videos?

Get The YouTube Views Without High Production Costs

It can be a huge struggle as a musician to get views on your video on YouTube. Going through this struggle for a video in which you paid full production costs and invested your time in sucks even worse. Good videos are hard to make and with so many millions of other music videos out there – giving your fans so many choices – they’ll get easily bored of an average video and won’t share it with family and friends. This is why a high quality lyrics video is the best of both worlds:

They are way cheaper than full production videos and you get the same high quality!

Your Fans want and love them!

This second point is one that lots of musicians don’t seem to realize at first – fans love lyric videos. Why? They love them because they get to sing along and learn the lyrics of the song! In actual fact, lyric videos sometimes get more views than official videos. Don’t believe me? Try typing out the name of any viral song on YouTube and you’ll probably see suggestions that put the lyric videos above the official video, meaning that fans are searching for lyric videos more than official videos! To conclude: Fans love lyrics videos! So, wouldn’t you rather represent your brand properly by putting out high quality videos rather than low quality sub-par videos that no one enjoys watching.

Looking For A Lyric Video Maker To Create Top Quality Lyric Videos For Your Songs? Your Search Ends Here

GHD Media is a pioneer in lyric video production. Our studio was founded in 2012 with the one goal in mind – create affordable and high quality lyric videos for musicians. For these 5 years we’ve produced more than 450 lyric videos. Our company is staffed with very professional lyric video makers that have skills in VFX, design, animation, 3D modelling and filming. Our lyric video service has been chosen by hundreds of bands, management teams and solo artists worldwide. We have also filmed live lyric videos in NYC, Barcelona and Moscow.

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